Top Attractions In Lexington Kentucky


Many people that don’t live in Kentucky think that the capital city is either Lexington or Louisville. Well, it’s Frankfort, but Lexington and Louisville are certainly two of Kentucky’s finest cities. This time around, you are going to be enjoying things to do in Lexington. Let’s get to looking at all the fun to be had there. When it comes to attractions in Lexington-Kentucky, you are going to have a blast.

The first attraction I’m going to highlight for you in Lexington KY is Kentucky Horse Park. Now, there is plenty of attractions and things to do involving horses in the city, but this is one of the top picks. Is located on Iron Works Parkway, and it is time to see the Hall of Champions. Catch a horse show and take in all the history at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Lexington Attractions

Next up is the Mary Todd Lincoln House. Have you heard of this attraction before? It is certainly nationally famous, and it can be found right on West Main Street. You will be privy to a tour guide, and there is also a gift shop available. Sometimes you just don’t know what to expect when you are visiting an attraction you are unfamiliar with, all of those details count.

Personally, one of my visits would also be Rupp Arena. You do know that Rupp Arena is home to Kentucky Wildcat basketball, right? If you didn’t know that, this is a place with much history, involving championships, a legendary coach and a team that is second to none. Aside from visiting Rupp Arena, I have another treat for you coming up next. How would you like to visit a brewing company that is locally very popular?

The attraction I’m speaking of is West Sixth Brewing, and it is located, on West 6th Street. That should be easy to remember. You will get a great tour, and according to the reviews, there is great seafood there. Reviews also mention that you get to keep the tasting glasses. That is a nice souvenir to show you have been to a different brewery in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Aviation Museum of Kentucky is up next, and it is located, on Airport Road. It is going to be fun standing in front of all of those military jets, don’t you think? Imagine what all you will see, and if you have kids with you, this would be one of those cool museums to take them to, given that museums aren’t always their favorite places to visit. They put up with them on field trips, but kids want to have fun.

Aviation Museum of Kentucky

Those are some great attractions in Lexington-Kentucky for you to plan on visiting first. Another good one to add to the list is Legacy Trail. It is found on West Loudon Avenue, just so you know where to find it, too. Now it is time for you and yours to enjoy a nice vacation in Lexington, Kentucky, land of the horses and home to great folks.