The Gold In Lexington KY That Was Never Found


There are plenty of stories about Gold treasures all over the US that were never found. Kentucky has its fair share, and that goes for Lexington of course. It’s not just gold either, as there are stories about silver, too. Have you heard of Swift’s Silver Mine? That is just one of the stories, and of course you never know if these stories are true. Some seem more genuine than others. So how about it, are you ready to go searching for lost gold treasures in Lexington, Kentucky?

Kentucky Gold Mining

It sounds like a lot of fun, but you certainly want to be sure that you have a good heads up. Have you ran across what you think is a treasure map? Perhaps you have ended up hearing about a particular storied treasure, and you feel like being the adventure seeker. If you are going to go out searching and panning for gold anyway, you might as well be looking where you can find a missing treasure.

I grew up in Kentucky, West Kentucky, and writing about gold treasures in Lexington that were never found, I remembered suddenly what my sister and I did as kids. We would go searching around for treasure in the open fields and in the forest. It was fun, and you just never know what you’re going to find. As we looked around, I would also make it more exciting by making my own treasure map.

Now we never found lost gold in Kentucky, but what if you could? Wouldn’t that be nice, and of course it wouldn’t just be about hitting the jackpot. Can you imagine the news coverage that type of story would get? You would be all over the national news telling your story. Do you think a museum would be the one most interested in your find? What if you found a lot more than just gold?

It would be neat if what you found had a long story to it, and it sure would be nice if it solved a mystery once and for all. A lot of times you hear about lost treasures, you can’t exactly be sure that they are real and legitimate stories. You might not be able to confirm the one you are about to look for now, but it sure would be fun to give it a try. You need as much information as you can get that tells you where to start looking.

Don’t get frustrated if you look for awhile and don’t find anything. Keep on going, and make sure that you look for all the information you can. If you aren’t from Lexington, check with locals who are willing to talk. They will likely get a kick out of seeing you come to look for the buried treasure. If you don’t find one this time around, don’t give up. Just keep looking because one day, you might just strike it rich. Have you ever heard about anyone finding a buried treasure and missing gold?